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The Curse That Is

by Graves At Sea

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Zhakathoom thumbnail
Zhakathoom Been wanting to get this for so long now, but found the total pricetag for shipping and all of 50$ plus a bit heavy. Finally buckled.. The cold and dark days of the wintery north is fast approaching and I need this to keep me company. Loving the dual vocals, that share some of the same effect on me that Grizzlyman has, and the crushingly gloomy and storytelling sound. Together they're one perfect storm!
James Williams
James Williams thumbnail
James Williams There's a lot I want to say about this album: It's the best sludge album of this year, maybe the decade. It's like swimming in tar while being strangled. It's modern metal's answer to "Dopesmoker" - huge, engulfing, uncompromising, incredible. I could say all of that, but I will just say this: PLEASE don't make the next one take 15 years.
Regnārs Breikšs
Regnārs Breikšs thumbnail
Regnārs Breikšs The Curse that Is is a mammoth of record that takes you on a grim, evil and narrative journey through the world filled with sorrow, pain, regret, paradoxes and deep hate.

Read the full review here: Favorite track: The Ashes Make Her Beautiful.
Neurot5 thumbnail
Neurot5 This is easily going to be one of the best metal albums released this year. Great riffs. Punchy bass. Top shelf sludge. Favorite track: Tempest.
Jerry Cornelius
Jerry Cornelius thumbnail
Jerry Cornelius Been hoping there was some unearthed stuff around.
Gives me a shit-eating grin when I play this - get on it
Tachymètre thumbnail
Tachymètre I don't understand why this isn't in your collection. Favorite track: The Ashes Make Her Beautiful.
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Cult doom/sludge band GRAVES AT SEA unveil their long-awaited debut full-length, The Curse That Is, a tour-de-force of incredible magnitude almost 15 years in the making. After releasing a series of highly regarded demos and splits in the underground, the quartet has re-emerged, having recently cut their teeth performing on mainstages at Maryland Deathfest, Roadburn and numerous other festivals. Now GRAVES AT SEA unleash their strongest, most ear-shattering material to date. Engineered by Greg Wilkinson (Noothgrush, Brain Oil) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, YOB), The Curse That Is effortlessly fuses colossal walls of feedback-laden sound with gargantuan riffs that crush and crawl with the weight of mountains alongside thunderous rhythms meant to tear a hole in this dying earth. Coupled with self-loathing lyrics of torment and demise, the listener is engulfed in wave upon wave of aural misery throughout the 70+ minute ride through hell. This is music that will make you hurt.


released April 1, 2016

2016 Relapse Records



all rights reserved


Graves At Sea Portland, Oregon

After releasing a series of highly regarded demos and splits in the underground, the cult sludge/doom quartet GRAVES AT SEA has re-emerged, having recently cut their teeth performing on mainstages at Maryland Deathfest, Roadburn and numerous other festivals. ... more

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Track Name: The Curse That Is
We aren't chosen, we are born

Get off your knees, take what is yours

An inheritance / Cast away

Genesis of original sin

Darkness masks / Innocence

The plague expands / Transforms my mind

Visions of hope / Vanquished to nothing

Living life / Do nothing more

Breath the air shoved in my lungs

Force fed gift / Feeding this life

A parasite / Made to consume

Giving life / Feed the disease

The licking of wounds / Cleanses nothing

The rotting of flesh / Decomposition

Eat of my body / Drink of my blood

Take from my soul / Blacken my heart

Raise all your glasses, we're doomed from the start

Remnants forgotten / Seed of misery

Consumed and defiled / Unsung legacy

Exiting life...

Existence tarnished our souls

One last sip to quench the thirst

A piece of silver under the tongue

Offering up the breaking of bread

Extinction is here, bring out the dead

Eat of my body, drink of my blood

Take from my soul, blacken my heart

Raise all your glasses, we're doomed from the start
Track Name: Tempest
Slaves / Work inside

Catacombs / Filled by the masses

Static forms / Shapes of their lives

Analysis / Of every word

Surveillance / Pollutes the lines

Drones / Gather to serve

Dead / Like the eyes of a herd

March single file

Lines called providing orders

Lie down to receive your mark

Embrace the weight stored on your thorax

March single file

Visions / The eye sees everything

Shelter / The glass is glistening

Prisons / Encampments barred inside...

The walls

Repeat / Experiments designed...

To amuse those outside

Catalogued and classified

Sort to profile....

Objectives compromised

Motives have changed


Inside this prison

Condemned to this (fate)

Fates the creation / Of existence

Control the demise / Drones wear our faces

Embrace the weight stored on our shoulders

Eyes glossed over lifeless and void

Integration / With no hopes of communion

Dismal Statistics / Line the charts of technicians
Track Name: The Ashes Make Her Beautiful
Anathema / Exodus of fate

Salvation / From demise

Expelling / The virus

Touched by the hands of death...

Dispensed / And rejected

Returned / Reclaimed by the hands of death...

Redemption / Embrace the gift of life

Painted eyes / A watchful vigil

Sickness Subsides / Accepted / She pulls tight...

Neglect / Body withers

Closed eyes / Abandoned / She pushes away...

Prisoners / Such lonely days

A blazing sun / Desert winds

Barron land / Burns our feet

Losing hope / The time has come

Melancholy / Weeping eyes

A gentle soul / Such graceful stride

Overflowing / Fountain heads

Mountain view / The city of dead

Walking through / Times of pain

Compassionate / My only solace

Vascular walls / Breaking down

Once great / Now fall

With passing time...

Days grow thin / I turn my back

Become like her / Infused neglect

Beneath the surface / Refuse to see

A tumor grows / Cancerous relation

With passing time...


Engulfed / In darkness


New tide / Rolls in

Released / To the ocean

New day / Dawning

Second chance / Falls from our grasp

Dotted cells / Form her eyes

Accepting / Calm ascent

See her life / Slip away

Empty shell / Meaning conflagrant

Passing / Decade / Extinguished

Ashes / Make her / Beautiful

White / Vessel / Memory

Ashes / Make her / Beautiful

Detached / Mental / Anguish

Ashes / Make her / Beautiful

Growing / Regret / Manifests

Ashes make her beautiful...
Track Name: This Mental Sentence
Blue dots to keep calm / Flat-lined and compressed

Prescriptions open / The gates to my prison

Insert the IV / To be fed the cure

Upping the dosage / Increase the fear

My life is a mess but my mind is pure

My pulse is monitored / To the sounds of machines

Existence has become / A monotonous routine

Symptoms to alleviate / Placebos to control

The desired effect / The senses become dull

To deviate from the plan / Is never encouraged

Expressed concern / An expected side effect

Awaken from nightmares / To be force fed dreams

Swallow the capsule / To satiate the hate
Track Name: The Waco 177
Smell of burning rubber / Makes me feel alive

Drinks in the air / Wheels to the sky

Peripheral eclipse / The world disappears

The churning of fuel / Embrace the nothing...

The road beckons / Keep the rubber side down

The pain of the day / Sustains the drive to ride

Reject expectations / Walk the left hand path

Initiate selection / The chosen arise

Reclusive instincts / Withdrawn from humanity

The highway's my drug / It flows through my veins

A world examined / Through a child’s eyes

Dying for the thrill / Living to die

Emancipation / Of body and soul

Push of the moment / Increase the speed

A call to days past / Expand the tribe

Substance consumption / Fuels the stampede

Stranded and hopeless / Instilled despair

Exile of the mind / Rethink, improve, proceed

Freedom on two tires / The thrill consumes

The rush of adrenaline / Thundering forward

Waco 177 / Shots ring out and bodies fall

Waco 177 / A massacre under Texas law

Nine dead and 177 / Being held on a RICO charge.

Five men released by dawn

Suspicions raised / Something went wrong

In a hail of bullets / Confusion misplaced blame

First shots came from a CI / Trading black for blue

Betraying brothers / For a little green

177 will remember the day / When liberty was stripped away

Profiled and categorized...

This is what happens when you live the life
Track Name: Minimum Slave
Conscious / A slave to the clock

Bar codes / Lock down the machine

Finger prints stripped / And left at the door

Devour the fruit / And discard the core

Begging for scraps / And learn how to sit

Who demands for it anyway?

Programmed / Return to the hive

The only exit’s when you’re eaten alive

Don't forget at the end of the day

You're not cared for anyway

Broken hopes / A sign of success

Metal walls designed to suppress

Graft the soul to the hand that feeds

Calloused skin / A sign of production

Collective purpose / Expanding the cell

Metal walls / Encasing this hell

The scent / Of fumes / Sickens me

Shackled ankles never to be free

White lights / Replace / The sky

Uniformed and waiting to die

Oppressed / Breathing despair

Suffocate / Deficient of truth

Pressure / Those who keep busy

Emaciate / Positions down low

Tendered / Just enough to survive

Taxing / On body and mind

Failure / To keep up the pace

Promises to repair the failing body

Expendable / Discard and replace

Abandoned / In a useless state

Decimation / In its wake

Gears turn / Lumbering forward

Alive / While in a grave

Salt / The earth / Oil the machine

Castrate / For display / Save the best cuts for last

Conserve / The breath / Stay alive

Morals / Tarnished / The ladder points up

The weights / Too strong / Gravity pulls down

Wings clipped / Eyes shut / Purgatory

Awake / In regret / Beg for release

A noose / Is the gate / Leading out